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Our Red Thread to Sophie

Here is how it happened!

No sooner had we returned from China with our precious Isabelle that I started to ask my husband if he thought we would adopt again. His response was simply "I haven't really thought about it." So, I left it at that until one day, a month or so later that he came to me and said, "If we do adopt again, I want to name her Sophie." I agreed with this, even though I thought it strange that he would come to me with something like that. Chris thinks about baby names about as often as I think about who might play in the Super Bowl this year. Chris deployed to Iraq in August and there was no conversation about adoption as he was busy there and I was busy at home with 5 children. But on September 7th I received an email from a small Christian agency that had a new list of children from China. The email had 10 pictures on it and one little face simply captured my heart, right there. To me, she truly had the face of an angel. I hurried to the website to find out more about her and was shocked to see that the agency, which gives American names to the children to protect their identity, had named her "Sophie". I emailed all her info to Chris and he replied, "God's amazing, isn't He?". God's hand was definitely in this as many doors swung open for this adoption that we can only attribute to Him. CCAA granted us a 'family size waiver' since we have more than the maximum number of children at home, our agency allowed us to complete our LOI and dossier even though we had not been home one year with Isabelle, our homestudy update was allowed to take place even though he was deployed, his physical was completed IN Baghdad, and our 171 was processed only ONE day after our fingerprints cleared! We give God all the glory for fueling us emotionally, spiritually and financially to bring our sweet Sophie home!

An invisible red thread connects those that are destined to meet.
The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break.

-An ancient Chinese proverb

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