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Our Timeline

September 7
See Sophie's face for the first time!

September 8
Receive her information and additional pictures from Lifeline and fall more in love! Lifeline makes informal request on our behalf to the CCAA to see if they will grant us a family size waiver.

September 13
We hear back from Dustin at Lifeline. CCAA said it looks good! After much prayer, we decide to go 'full steam ahead'!

September 22
Our LOI (Letter of Intent) is sent to China today. Now we hold our breath and see if CCAA officially grants us the waiver we need!

October 4
We get word from our social worker that the Chicago USCIS will allow our homestudy update to be completed without Chris present. YEA!

October 5
Mailed off our I600A.

October 12
Social worker comes for our first home visit. She speaks with Chris over the phone from Iraq and all goes well!

October 16
We tell the boys about Sophie, on videotape. Everyone is so excited!

October 17
Second home study visit.

October 19
Hospital in Baghdad has agreed to do Chris' physical so we can keep plugging away on our dossier!

October 23
Receive local police clearances.

October 26
Receive last vital record, our marriage license. Mail them all off to dossier expert, Pam Eidson. She's amazing!

November 2
We get word from a family traveling to Guilin that they were able to see Sophie and take pictures of her!

November 7
Receive 16 pictures of our beautiful daughter, who is obviously loved by her nanny. What an amazing gift!

November 10
We receive PA! This means that CCAA has granted us the family size waiver we needed! Time to CELEBRATE!

November 16
Mail off Sophie's first (of many) care package. Included a soft photo album, chocolates for the caregivers, and disposable cameras.

December 6
Our homestudy is sent to the USCIS!

December 7
We get an update on our precious Sophie! She sounds like a busy girl ;)

December 9
We receive a package from Half the Sky with reports and pictures of Sophie from the time she entered the SWI. It is an amazing gift to have these pictures and reports that chronicle her childhood. We even know the day she got her first tooth!

December 19
Second care package on it's way to China.

January 8
Chris comes home!

January 9
First stop, FINGERPRINTS! We are quickly and easily fingerprinted at our local USCIS office. Now we wait for the 171!

January 20
Sophie turns 2! Happy birthday baby girl! We get word from Adele at blessedkids.com that the cake we ordered for her arrived on her big day :)

January 24
OUR 171 IS HERE! Last piece of our dossier is on it's way to the Chicago courier.

January 27
Third care package on it's way to our sweet girl. Include lots of Valentine's Day goodies.

February 2
Get word from our dossier prep that our 171 is done! Our dossier is on it's way to our agency!

February 3
DTC! Our dossier is on it's way to China!



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