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While We Wait

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

We've spent the last few months doing our best to prepare for our new addition, Miss Sophie Lulu! It has been a long and sometimes difficult wait since we first saw her precious face on September 7th of last year. We finally completed our dossier and it went to China on February 3rd. Since we were DTC right after the Chinese New Year, we had an extra long wait until we received our log in date, which was March 2nd. By that time I was just relieved to know that CCAA hadn't lost our dossier and that it was officially 'in line' with all the other special needs dossiers. At the end of March we traveled to Chicago for a Lifeline reunion. A great time was made even better because of the fact that our incredible friends, Lisa and John, and their 3 kids, were in attendance also. They are using Lifeline to bring home a little girl, Gracie, who is a few months younger than Isabelle. Chicago was awesome and we relished the opportunity to thank Karla and Dustin (the international directors at Lifeline) in person for all they did and continue to do to help us bring our sweet Sophie home. We have been so happy with this adoption experience, we think Lifeline is the BEST!! The kids have been anxiously anticipating their little sister's arrival for months. Over the winter we went to Build A Bear and built a bunny for Sophie. The kids picked out the rabbit and I picked out the clothes ;) I was going to send the rabbit to China in one of her care packages, but couldn't seem to part with it. We have it set out as a reminder of our daughter, their sister, who is not yet home with us yet. Another way we have passed the time is by sending monthly care packages. I enjoy picking things up for her here and there and then compiling a package at the middle of the month. I have tried to include many pictures of us to help her prepare for the transition, and hope that her nanny is explaining who we are. It makes me happy to imagine her getting a monthly package, some things for her and some goodies to share with her friends. It is all I can do from here to try and put a smile on her face. We will be moving from Illinois to Georgia in late May. We have found a new home that has a big yard and side walks that we think will be perfect for our growing family. Isabelle and Sophie will share a room and we are hopeful that they will become the best of friends. It's going to be a crazy summer but we look forward to becoming a family of eight!

Our dossier

Lieline reuinon: Lisa, Karla and Stef

Hanging out with friends in Chicago

Care package number 4

Our new house in Georgia

We're ready for our new sister!

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