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About Sophie
First information  |  October 31, 2005  |  December 1, 2005

Here are the highlights of an update we received in early December:

December 1, 2005

She is one year and 11 months old. She knows a lot of people and things. She can say more words with 2 or 4 characters, like "bye-bye, sit car, Mom director, hello aunt". She likes to sing some songs or go round. She likes to jump down from stairs with 2 feet. She likes new toys and her favorite thing is to play slide and sit on too-too-train. She will open the toys after she is tired of them and study inside. She likes to climb and is very quick. Every morning she always climbs out from her crib carefully and plays on the ground. Sometimes she will ride on the handrail of crib. She laughs when she realizes people are scared to watch her to do that. She will find the way to reach toys or snacks at the top place. She is in the "Grandma nurture class" by "half of the sky". She is the director of that class. If someone doesn't obey, she will go to tell grandma and point the naughty child. The grandma also takes care of other 2 kids. She cares of those little sisters very much. She always gives her candy to them first. She goes to comfort them when they cry. She has very good appetite. She can drink by straw and feed self by spoon. But she is not very good at it. So there are always many rice on the floor.


For finding your mother,
There's one certain test.
You must look for the creature
Who loves you the best.

-Little Miss Spider


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